Skincare should be clean

No Banned Substances

No harmful chemicals or toxins

No unnecessary fillers


No harmful paraben

Fragrance Free

Registered with the Ministry of Health. 

The first step in taking care of ourselves is to remove all harmful ingredients, food, habits and toxic people from our lives.

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Intense Hydration to reduce the signs of ageing

A well hydrated skin is a healthy and strong skin.

Reduced appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Balanced sebum

A stronger natural skin barrier.

Healthy and Natural Glow

Improved Skin Elasticity

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What we feed our skin, matters

Our skin is delicate but also incredibly resilent. Like any other parts of our wellbeing, if we feed it well, if we remove all harmful and harsh substances, our skin can grow healthy and strong.

Superfood we included for their anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and Vitamins content:

Coconut, Olives, Strawberry, pomegranate, Rice, Aloe Vera, Juniper Berry etc.

Our belief:

When we feed our skin

Clean and well

It will reward us

With glow and health

Our range of products is suitable even for sensitive skin.

Our intention is to return sensitive skin to a stable one. One that has a strong and healthy skin barrier, locks in moisture and offer you a natural glow.

An healthier approach to underarm sweat and smell

Sweating is a very natural and healthy body response.

To sweat is to detox - sweating regulates our body temperature as well as flushing out toxins.

What we don’t want is to smell from our sweat.

Introducing our revolutionary natural lightweight water-based deodorant that redefines freshness and tackling even the most challenging underarm odor concern right at the source. 

Pause Natural Body Deodorant doesn’t clog your pores so while you still sweat, our added active ingredients that neutralizes bacteria makes sure that your sweat doesn’t smell.

Conquer any day with confidence that your deodorant works but also in a healthier way.

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  • It was like my skin just drank it all up!

    I used the Pause Intense Hydrating Serum and love how quickly it gets absorbed into my skin. There was no greasiness or sticky feeling after that. And I could really feel my skin getting supple and hydrated.

    - Nikki -

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  • I've tried many clay mask, and they all irritated my skin, but this one doesn't

    I like the benefits of a clay mask, because it can really detox and balance my oiliness. But usually they make my skin red. But this one is so gentle and I did not experience any redness. And I finally can enjoy the benefits of detoxing and balancing without any sensitivity.

    - Michelle-

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  • I can see and feel my skin becoming more stable after use

    I wasn't so sure about this cleanser initially because it had very little foam and I wasn't used to that. But after persisting, it actually played a key role in stablizing my skin. It doesn't dry out my skin, it made it feel soft and after a couple of week of using, my sebum production came under control and I could feel my skin condition become more stable and less sensitive.

    - Pam -

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