10 creative ways to repurpose the empty Pause Glass bottles & Jars

10 creative ways to repurpose the empty Pause Glass bottles & Jars

Here are 10 creative ways to repurpose our beautiful glass bottles and jars, once you have used up the products. 

Repurpose it as handwash holder

Refill the empty Cleanser bottle (comes with a pump) with handwash.

Refill it with sanitizer 

Refill it with hand sanitizer. It would look great on your desk or in your home, for your guests.

Re-purpose it as a vase

With a simple stalk of flower (fresh or dried) to remind you of the beauty of simplicity. A great décor for your desk, bathroom sink or your vanity table. 

Use it as a diffuser for diffuser reeds

What’s better than having a room filled with good scent, and also have something aesthetically pleasing storing the diffuser reeds? 

Fill it up with potpourri 

And let your room be peppered with the natural fragrance of dried fruits, leaves and flowers. 

Give it new life, by planting succulents. 

Succulents can be potted in wider jars like Pause’s French Green Clay mask jar. To ensure they are clear of any skin care products, simply wash them out with warm water and soap, and sterilize them before filling them with water or soil.

Store accessories/jewelries

Rings, earrings etc.. You can store them in wider jars like Pause’s French Green Clay mask jar! Let’s say if you’re having a girls night out, the jar is big enough to store the accessories/jewelry while still being compact enough to slide into your bag. 

Store cotton buds/cotton pads

Pause’s French Green Clay mask jar is suitable to store cotton buds/ cotton pads, and it’s within easy reach when you wanna use them! Plus, it looks beautiful on your makeup table too! 

Store your DIY body care products 

Whether it is body scrub/ body lotion, you can store them into Pause’s skincare jars & bottles! In a way, it helps you to save money from getting bottles to store your DIY products. 

Give it meaning - Your gratitude jar

Whether, a small note of gratitude, or motivation or even a reminder to Pause. Whenever we pause and read these little notes from time past, we just might find a little ray of sunshine or the path back home. 

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