4 simple cleansing habits for healthy & clear skin

4 simple cleansing habits for healthy & clear skin


Yet, the most boring step is often the most important one. 

Without proper cleansing: 

  • your subsequent efforts and investment in expensive essences or serums, would yield weaker results. 
  • applying essences/ serums/ cream on skin that hasn’t been properly cleansed, will often result in acne. 
  • It might also result in the weakening of your natural skin barrier. 


  • A Effective but gentle cleanser 
    • One that doesn’t strip your skin and leave it squeaky clean. Squeaky clean is not a good place for your skin. Ultra dry and tight skin means excessive sebum production later on, and this causes acne and/or early signs of wrinkles. 
  • A cleanser free from harmful and harsh chemicals. Some chemicals might give you fast results, but are often the very ingredient that causes skin problems and imbalances. 
  • Slow down, be gentle and mindful in your technique.
    • Small circular motions with your fingertips
    • Avoid tugging downwards
    • Upward strokes are better
    • Do not rub your face dry with a towel. Pat it dry  
  • Temperature of the water
    • Hot water isn’t good for skin. It is ultra-drying. 
    • Cool water is often the better choice. 

Very simple steps but often overlooked in our hurry to move on to the next thing on our to-do list. 

The real secret here is to slow down and to be mindful with each step. 

And that, is difficult, for many of us. 


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