How Strawberry, loaded with Vitamin C, benefits our skin

How Strawberry, loaded with Vitamin C, benefits our skin

Strawberries benefit us in so many juicy ways! 

The super fruit is boosted with antioxidants and Vitamin C.

Whether it is through consuming it or applying it topically for skincare, 

Strawberries are able to benefit both your health and also your skin. 

The juicylicious berry provides our skin:

  • Great source of Vitamin C
  • Hyperpigmentation and blemishes treatment
  • Acne prevention
  • High antioxidant content 
  • Anti-aging properties


We all know what a strawberry is but strawberries extracted in skincare contain polyphenols and vitamin C. It smoothens and brightens the skin because it is loaded with fruit enzymes and AHAs that fights free radical deterioration and aids in pore reduction.


Vitamin C is great for skin. Because it fights against free radicals that deplete collagen and rob healthy cells of oxygen, causing the skin to develop noticeable wrinkles. Strawberries work wonders to revitalize dull skin and increase brightness, boost skin complexion, giving your skin the glow it deserves. 


The salicylic acid found in strawberries minimizes and removes hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Additionally, strawberries are an excellent exfoliant since they get rid of the dead skin cells that age your skin. Then, it secures the pores to stop the development of blemishes. 


The acidity in strawberries helps to eliminate extra oil from the skin, which is a typical cause of acne. Salicylic acid is also present in strawberries, almost every treatment on the market for treating acne has this component. Salicylic acid aids in pore clearing, which eventually results in cleaner and clearer skin. Salicylic acid is also well known for eliminating dead skin cells from the skin and shrinking pores to help stop acne flare-ups in the future.


Antioxidant-loaded strawberries aid in repairing UV and free radical damage. As a result of the damage, skin frequently ages prematurely since UV rays frequently break down collagen. This is a significant factor in why fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable. Strawberries include antioxidants that aid in repairing the skin's damage and stop it from deteriorating further.


The ellagic acid found in strawberries stops the breakdown of collagen, one of the main causes of wrinkles. Ellagic acid inhibits the development of MMP, an enzyme that aids in the degradation of collagen, which has a photoprotective action that protects against UV damage. This avoids wrinkles from developing, giving your face a youthful, supple appearance. 

This ingredient is available in:

Pause’s Vit-C Brightening Face Cleanser

Something interesting: A strawberry-based cleanser can remove pollutants more efficiently from the skin because strawberries naturally contain salicylic acid. 

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